travertine tile parkerTravertine tile is a beautiful, durable, and natural flooring option that has come to be desired by many homeowners. Here at Floor Coverings International Parker, we have a wide variety of travertine floors to choose from, and we can professionally install them with ease. For those considering travertine tile in their Parker home, we’ve compiled a list of the basics you need to know below!


Travertine is a type of limestone and naturally forms within the earth. Like most tile and natural stone, travertine is incredibly durable. It is made to withstand accidents without showing scratches or dents. This material, while strong, is porous and will require a couple coats of sealer to make it water resistant. However, this is an easy process that is typically done during installation. Your travertine tile floors are otherwise easily maintained and will last for decades to come.


Travertine tile floors are known for their distinct, natural look. This tile comes in a variety of earthy hues including tan, beige, rust, grey, and white. The tones tend to be more subdued and earthy, making them a possibility in homes of any style. Given that these tiles are derived from a natural material, each one is unique, and the floors they create will be one of a kind.


This natural material is completely recyclable and biodegradable. The stone deposits that travertine is derived from are abundant and renewable. If the time comes to replace your travertine tiles, you won’t have to worry about soil pollution provided that any chemical adhesives used in installation have been properly cleaned off. Because they are all natural, travertine tiles make for a great hypoallergenic flooring choice.

Installation, Maintenance, and Cost

Travertine is a very tough material, but this also makes it very heavy and potentially difficult to install. Professional installers, like those at [franchise_locaiton_name], are experts at installing travertine and can ensure that your floors are properly sealed and waterproofed during installation.

After installation, maintaining your floors will be easy. These tiles are made to last, and will only require an occasional resealing. A regular mop dusting and occasional spot cleaning with hot water and stone cleaner is all you’ll need to keep them clean.

Travertine tile is like other natural stone floors in that it tends to be more expensive than other flooring types. However, considering its incredible longevity and ease of maintenance, it could make for a cost-effective choice in the long term.

Getting Started

Your local flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Parker can help you choose and install travertine tile floors in your Parker home. Call us today for a free in-home consultation, and learn more about our tile selection. We proudly serve the greater Parker, Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch areas.


Photo Credit: Rudy Umans


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