White oak hardwood flooring in Castle RockWhite oak originates from the Eastern United States. It’s a beautiful and sturdy hardwood that would look great in your Castle Rock home. Since it’s a domestic hardwood, it costs less than exotic woods, which need to be imported. Here are more details about white oak flooring and why it may be right for you, courtesy of the Floor Coverings International Parker experts.


This species is known for its medium brown heartwood that sometimes has a greenish hue. Other parts of the wood, like the sapwood, can look even lighter, which makes white oak floors good at taking on many colors of stains. This expands your design capabilities and can even save you money by staining it to look like a more expensive species like Brazilian cherry. It also has straight grains and can be uneven in texture, which requires sanding to make it smooth.

Durability & Maintenance

White oak has a Janka hardness score of 1,350, which makes it one of the stronger domestic hardwoods available. You can maintain your white oak floors by regularly sweeping them to keep them free of debris and dust. You should also only mop these floors with approved hardwood cleaners—not water. Since white oak is lighter in color, stains are going to be more obvious on its surface. Be sure to wipe clean any spills and food immediately to prevent any permanent stains.

If the surface either loses its protective finish or becomes damaged by multiple scratches, you have the option of sanding down the floor and refinishing it. This will extend its life and give you the option to apply a different stain to give your home a new look.

To learn more about white oak hardwood flooring, contact our team at Floor Coverings International Parker. We offer free consultations to homeowners in Parker, Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch.

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