Hickory hardwood flooring in ParkerHickory is a unique type of hardwood flooring that is full of warmth and personality. It has a surprisingly varied and dramatic appearance, but it is also set apart from other hardwoods by its toughness and strength. Our Floor Coverings International Parker experts recommend it to local homeowners because of its special combination of stylish character and practical durability. However, hickory’s bold appearance may not appeal to every homeowner, so it’s important to do your research before installing hickory flooring in your Parker home.

About Hickory Flooring

  • Hickory hardwood primarily stands out for its appearance. It has a dramatic grain pattern with a high contrast of color, resulting in a unique look that immediately draws your eye to the floor. A single plank of hickory wood can range in color from pale gold to chocolate brown. Every piece of wood is different, so it is nearly impossible to install them in a cohesive, neutral pattern. Rather, hickory floors tend to have a bold, rustic look with no shortage of natural personality.
  • With a Janka rating of 1820, hickory is one of the toughest domestic hardwood species available. It is considerably harder than common choices like maple and oak, so you know that it will resist scratches and dents well. However, because of its rigidity, hickory flooring may be prone to expansion and contraction if subjected to major changes in temperature or humidity. You can minimize this issue by choosing engineered (rather than solid) hickory floors.
  • Hickory typically falls into the same price range as other domestic hardwoods. However, homeowners should think carefully about resale value before installing hickory floors in their home. Since the unique look of hickory may not appeal to everyone, it could count against your house when it comes time to sell.

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