Cherry hardwood floor in ParkerCherry hardwood floors are popular among homeowners in Parker, but did you know that there is more than one type of cherry flooring? Here at Floor Coverings International Parker, you can find both American (or domestic) cherry hardwoods as well as Brazilian cherry hardwoods. The key differences between these species are the coloring, grain, hardness and cost.

American vs. Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors

As the “cherry” in the name indicates, both kinds of wood have a gorgeous reddish hue that stands out from other species of wood. Brazilian cherry has a darker, more vibrant red than American cherry, and it will darken even more in the first few years after installation. If the differences in color don’t help you differentiate them, the grain will always reveal the true origins of your floor. American cherry has more severe bends and turns in the grain, while Brazilian cherry trends towards long, swooping lines of grain.

While the grain and coloring are the most apparent differences, the more important ones are the differences in hardness and cost between the two varieties of wood. American cherry hardwood ranks at 950 on the Janka scale, a relatively low number that is just above the threshold that differentiates softwoods and hardwoods. Brazilian cherry is more than twice as high on the scale with a measurement of 2,350. Practically, this means that an American cherry hardwood floor is more susceptible to damage from rampaging children, moving furniture, falling objects, and other common household hazards. The strength of Brazilian cherry hardwood makes it more difficult to install, but it also makes it very scratch- and dent-resistant. Lastly, Brazilian cherry is an exotic wood that has to be imported compared to the domestic production of American cherry, making it more expensive.

Whatever kind of cherry hardwood floor you want for your Parker home, you can call Floor Coverings International Parker for a free in-home consultation.

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Photo Credit: Mark Bernard