Are you ready to make the switch to hardwood? Whether you’re upgrading from laminate or replacing musty old carpet, hardwood is a beautiful and timeless feature to add to any Parker home. But why not go the extra step with a fun, trendy style? There are plenty of new hardwood products to give your space a stylish look. Here are a few exciting hardwood options to consider, hand-picked by the Floor Coverings International Parker experts:

Gray hardwood floors in Parker


One way to give your home an airy, modern feel is to install gray-toned hardwood floors. This is the latest trend in hardwood colors – light hardwoods that have been stained gray. This clean, simple style has a more contemporary look than traditional, warm-toned hardwood.

Wide Plank

Traditional hardwood floors are usually made with narrow planks, which may be only 2¼ inch wide. However, many homeowners now prefer wide plank floors, which can range from 3¼ to 6 inches in width. Wide plank flooring can make a space feel more open and contemporary, and also highlights the wood grain rather than disrupting it.


Distressed hardwood floors are what you might expect to see in a log cabin or rustic farmhouse. Most distressed flooring is in fact new wood that has been distressed by a machine so that it looks old and weathered. It’s a great choice for homeowners who want to bring rustic, natural character to their space. If you prefer wood floors that are authentically aged, look for reclaimed hardwood, which is salvaged from old buildings.

Hand-scraped hardwood floors in Parker


Hand-scraped hardwood floors are intended to mimic the look of old fashioned wood plank flooring. Before the days of machine manufacturing, hardwood planks had to be scraped and smoothed by a woodworker. Today, machines are able to replicate this look by creating planks with a slightly rustic and inconsistent texture.

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Photo Credits: Artazum