Tile can all look similar at a glance, but each variety of stone has its own personality that can change the entire atmosphere of a room. At Floor Coverings International Parker, we want to help you find the right tile for your kitchen, bathroom, or entryway. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the most popular varieties of natural stone tile for Parker homes:

GraniteGranite tile in Parker

Granite is essentially a conglomeration of quartz and other rocks that have been forged together by magma underneath the Earth’s surface. The complex and rigid structure of granite makes it incredibly durable, a trait that makes it excellent for use in flooring. Granite tile comes in a wide range of natural colors and variations, depending on the slab that it is cut from.

MarbleMarble tile in Parker

Marble is formed from other rocks that have been transformed by heat and pressure. The ancient Greeks used marble extensively in their artwork and buildings, valuing the material for its lustrous beauty and enduring strength. As marble tile, the stone has languid lines and swirls of color that make the entire surface flow together. As long as you don’t mind doing a little extra care and maintenance, marble tile is a classic and luxurious choice for your home.

TravertineTravertine tile in Parker

While the roiling waters of a hot spring may be great for a relaxing weekend, they are also great at separating the materials in the water through chemical reactions and creating a solid layer of sedimentary rock—known as travertine—at the bottom. Travertine tile is recognizable for its earthy, neutral color scheme and subtle, swirling patterns.

Slate tile in ParkerSlate

Slate tile is typically dark in color with large patches of black, brown, and rust hues. The peculiar structure of slate causes it to fracture into plates when carefully struck, each nearly impervious to water. This combination of qualities makes it a great choice for flooring in moisture-prone areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

If you are interested in learning more or having natural stone tile installed in your Parker home, give us a call! Floor Coverings International Parker offers free in-home consultations and estimates.

Photo Credits: Steve Smith, SnappixPro, Claudio Divizia, IsakBA